Let’s create value from
your Digital Transition.

Let’s improve
your Digital Transition.

Grégory Zuliani – Founder

Gregory started his career as a Production Manager at Schneider Group before joining the software company Unit4 as a regional Agency Director. He then created Aveis, a full web software company that he ran for 10 years before developing his consulting business in Digital Transition. Gregory graduated from Arts&Metier ParisTech.

What we do

A comprehensive offering, from design to achievement of digital deliverables.


Analysing weakness and strengths, context, customers, stakeholders’ objectives, we challenge the strategic vision.

Digital Roadmap

We turn strategic objectives into real projects to improve users’ experience.

Digital Due Diligence

We evaluate the Digital Maturity of your portfolio’s companies and your dealflow’s targets.

Projects’ design

From staffing, timeline, expected outcomes, choice of suppliers to governance, we accurately design the digital projects.

Projects’ management

We deliver expected outcomes from every sprint, according to budget and planning.

Change management

We design the communication plan, mobility process, job descriptions, career paths and training plan.

Stimulating Teams

We stimulate teams’ commitment, according to the company’s capabilities.

Inspiring Teams

We promote agile methods, strengthening users’ feedback and improving teams’ skills.

Hand over

We set up teams and projects to enable Digital Transition after our mission is over.


Find out some of our achievements in different sectors.


Find out some of our achievements in different sectors.


Managing the program for transforming the IT System of the Life Insurance subsidiary

Integration of Kelia Software


transformation and improvement of the property and casualty claims management


Design of a new boat insurance – Recruitment of new high added valued customers

Design of full web services for a dedicated insured community


Sales and claims network’s change. To design HR process for geographical and professional mobility


Setting up partnership with insurtech start up. Marketing a “white label” car insurance


Design of a web app to manage available credit demands

Private Equity

Implementing collaborative tools to improve productivity


Selecting and managing a nearshore development team in Morocco

Rail transport

HRMS re-design (Ivory Coast)


A Digital Transition mission proceeding in 4 steps.

Digital transition levers

Digital transition levers


Strategy, governance, location, players, managerial culture.


Test & Learn approach, POC, agility


Test&Learn approach, POC, Agility.


Data sharing and permanent learning culture.


Relationship with the ecosystem, start-ups and regulator.


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